T-shares are more scarce than Bitcoin or Ethereum and it is a Nobel Prize worth innovation in crypto.

Circulating Supply

The T-share rate is the core fundamental of the HEX game theory. It doesn’t only make the price go up but also allows for the most efficient way to distribute interest.

HEX inflation is 3.69% a year. This inflation is payed out to all T-shares in existence.

If people stake HEX the smart contract burns them and grands the staker T-shares. For every additional year people stake they get 20% more shares. This bonus is capped at 10 years called "LongerPaysBetter".

The minimum stake length is 1 day, the maximum stake length is 5555 days or 15.2 years.


1 T-Share = 1,000 B-Shares = 1,000,000 M-Shares
You can calculate exactly how many T-Shares a new Stake would get.

HEX T-Share Rate

The #1 rule in HEX is that long stakes have to outperform short stakes. This is achieved by giving long stakes more interest then short stakes.

So why is the T-share rate only going up? To ensure no one can cheat the system.

If someone would compound 10 yearly stakes he would end up with less HEX compared to someone who made one 10 year stake. This is because the yearly staker ends up with less T-shares after every time he ends stake.

Every time a staker ends a stake the smart contract checks if this particular stake can get more T-shares than it had before by restaking (principal + interest) for the same duration. If this could happen the T-share rate ratchets up to where this isn’t possible anymore.

HEX/T-share rate

This mechanism ensures that the HEX to share rate increases over time. The goal is to incentivize to stake early and make it impossible to outperform long-term staking with a strategy of frequent short-time staking.


T-share price can only INCREASE in HEX terms, today(2022.04.16) 1 T-share= 21,298 hex.
In 2025 it will be 125,000! hex,
in 2028 it'll be 300,000 hex
in 2030 it'll be 800,000 hex
in 2035 it'll be 3,000,000 hex

The Finest Monetization of Time


T-share rate is often referred as T-share price because stakers have to buy shares with $HEX. Now you see how a rising T-share price buys less T-shares every time you end a stake. This makes HEX users stake long term because they are incentivized to do so.

This mechanism together with the Truth Engine that penalizes stakers for ending a stake early is the biggest driver for the $ price.

Reason being is the only thing that matters for the $ price is buyers and sellers. Incentivizing stakers to stake long and penalize them for ending early reduces sell pressure and therefore protects the $HEX price.

In the last two years HEX outperformed every other crypto and I believe this has to do with the locking up mechanism.

The key in earning the highest ROI is staking longer then other stakers because when they end their stakes the pool of all existing T-shares gets smaller. So when you still hold the same amount of shares you get paid more of the daily inflation

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